Friday, November 20, 2009

Playboy Launches Four Stylish New Fragrances

Asia General Manager for Coty Beauty, Mr. Fons Houtkamp caught some bunnies (lucky b*gger!)

We decided to try all the 4 variants...on the tester paper of course

Jojo showed us how well she can tap dance, well now we know that she's got rhythm. Useful in certain situations apart from dancing (ahem ahem!)

Hot babe with a hot if only we could find the keys, we would have driven off with both (sigh)

The bunnies with Elaine Daly and FHM's 2009 Most Wanted Women - Pam and Vanessa Chong

Serena C, Jay Menon & Jojo Struys

Spotted! FHM's 2010 Girl Next Door finalist Michelle

Well we didn't catch any bunnies but we managed to catch these 2 hotties for a pic

And these 2 hot babes as well...should FHM feature them as Incoming Girls? What do you think?

Spotted M'sian Dreamgirl 2008 2nd Runner Up Hanis the Manis (L) and winner Cindy (2nd from left)

FHM tried to catch some bunnies...unfortunately they got away.

The iconic Playboy brand threw a highly-exclusive and stylish party at the Heritage Mansion this evening to celebrate the launch of four irresistible Playboy Fragrances in Malaysia, namely the Hollywood Playboy, Malibu Playboy, Miami Playboy, and Vegas Playboy.

FHM together with about 150 other guests, who are the elites of the social scene in Kuala Lumpur, including JoJo Struys, Elaine Daly, Jehan Miskin, Tony Eusoff, Joey G, Owen Yap, Serena C and many more, the launch party, titled ‘Press To Play’ revolved around the bedazzling world of Playboy’s suave sophistication and celebrity glamour.

For a start, the Heritage Mansion was transformed into a luxurious villa well comparable to the prestigious Playboy Mansion in New York city, and housed four thematic corners, namely ‘Hollywood’, ‘Miami’, ‘Vegas’ and ‘Malibu’.

Once the guests arrived, they were greeted by the sassy and friendly Playboy ambassadors who were on hand to introduce the unique blend and philosophy behind every Playboy fragrance.

While the guests slowly settled down amongst the company of good friends and acquaintances in the Malibu garden, savouring the exquisite blend of cocktails in the Hollywood lounge, and enjoying the exciting games available at the Vegas room, Jojo Struys and Toh Kong Eu presented two sets of eye-catching rhythmic Jazz tap performance with live percussionist, Justin from the Aseana Percussion Unit.

After Jojo’s highly entertaining dance performance, celebrity DJ Joey G took charge of the night over at the Miami dance floor and spun some infectious sexy house music that had every guest in the house fully spell-bounded till the end of the night.

When asked on the philosophy of the Playboy fragrance, Asia General Manager for Coty Beauty, Mr. Fons Houtkamp said, “Each of our distinctive contemporary Playboy fragrance captures the essence of the glamorous lifestyle in some of the world’s hottest cities. Therefore, whether you aspire to become suave and sophisticated or cool and edgy, there’s a sexy fragrance to meet your every personal style”. Hmmm he didn't say anything about sexy 1 bottle get 1 bunny free perhaps?

Playboy Fragrances are solely distributed in Malaysia by Star Asia (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, and are available in all leading stores, including Carrefour, Giant, Guardian, Jusco, Parkson, Tesco, and Watsons, at the retail prices of RM 36.90 (50ml EDT), RM 59.90 (100ml EDT) and RM16.90 (150ml Deo Spray).

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