Monday, December 29, 2008

Behind the scenes videos of the GND photoshoot!

GND 01 - Jasmeet Khosa

GND 02 - Kellie Yap

GND 03 - Meay

GND 04 - Moon Ko

GND 05 - Angel Wong

GND 06 - Felixia Yeap

[coming soon!]

GND 07 - Jezamine Lim

[coming soon!]

GND 08 - Kavita Silvaraju

GND 09 - Davina Goh

[coming soon!]

GND 10 - Eve Ng

GND 11 - Gail James

[coming soon!]

GND 12 - Vivien Cheng

[coming soon!]

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vote for your fav GND now and win prizes!

FHM is giving away the following to lucky number 8s who vote through either the Samsung Fun Club, or FHM!

#The 88th voter receives Hairdressing Vouchers worth RM500 courtesy of The Edge Studio Hairdressing

#The 188th voter receives a Chronotech timepiece worth RM500

#The 888th voter receives Samsung gadgets worth RM500

#The 1888th voter receives Davidoff fragrances worth RM1,000

#The 8,888th voter receives Samsung mobile phones worth RM1,000

There are 3 ways to vote and hence, increase your chances of winning.

1. Log on to Samsung Fun Club

2. Log on to

3. Email your votes to FHM via

Don't forget to include your contact details: name, IC, contact number and the message...

My FHM Girl Next Door 2009 vote goes to...


Jasmeet Khosa

20 years old


from Klang

hobbies: swimming, dancing, meeting new people



19 years old,


from Miri

hobbies: swimming, eating, sleeping


Chan Siong Meay

23 year old,


from Ipoh

hobbies: singing, dancing, reading


Moon Ko

19 years old,

Student & part-time model

from Penang

hobbies: shopping, singing, dancing


Angel Wong

20 years old


from Kota Kinabalu

hobbies: shopping, karaoke, sleeping


Felixia Yeap

22 years old

Freelance model

from Ipoh

hobbies: dancing, singing, racing, scuba diving


Jezamine Lim

25 years old

Freelance model

from Klang

hobbies: reading, surfing the net, working out in the gym


Kavita Silvaraju

21 years old

Freelance model

from KL

hobbies: swimming, singing, dancing


Davina Goh

26 years old

Events manager & actress

from KL

hobbies: futsal, photography, skateboarding

GND 10

Eve Ng

21 years old

Student, blogger, e-seller

from Taiping

hobbies: surfing the net, blogging

GND 11

Gail James

20 years old


from Penang

hobbies: reading, shopping, swimming

GND 12

Vivien Cheng

21 years old

Customer Relationship Manager

from Ipoh

hobbies: karaoke, dancing, shopping

Monday, December 22, 2008

FHM January 2009 is out now!

FHM January 2009 is out now! is out now!

Highlights include:

All 12 FHM Girl Next Door Finalists in a 12 page photoshoot and in the free calender!

Incoming Girl Constance Lau, Amazing Race Asia's Alan Wu and WWE Wrestler John Cena.

Also take part in the promotion to win tickets to the premier of Ong Bak 2!

Monday, November 24, 2008

FHM December 2008 is now out!

FHM December 2008 is out now!

Highlights include:

Christy Yow - Crocodile Girl

Hot Marsha Milan Londoh and Incoming Girl April Yap!

Also take part in the promotions and win tickets to the premier of The Day The Earth Stood Still (starring Keanu Reeves) and VIP tickets to Massive Worldwide 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

FHM November 2008 issue is now out!

Highlights include:

Olga Kurylenko - the new 007 babe!

Hot Vindy Lee and Incoming Girl Amanda Choe.

Also take part in the promotions and stand a chance to win limited edition Sony Ericsson phones, autographed EPL jerseys and tickets to the Football Masters Tournament in December 08.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FHM Searches for the Girl Next Door 2009!

FHM is looking for the Girl Next Door 2009

Catch our scouting team at shopping malls and colleges throughout the Klang Valley!

(click on photo to see the hi-res)